About Violet Hour Fashion

about violet hour fashion

The founder:

Katey is a Denver based designer intrinsically connected to the beautiful state of Colorado. With a diverse and inclusive background in the apparel and accessory industry, she identified an unique opportunity in the Mile High City: hand-crafting clothing in small batches in the slow fashion process that is the foundation of all her work. With the heart of her customers as her guide, she crafts with the goal of seeing women find comfort, joy, pride, and self-confidence in her creations. It is her desire to see women feel beautiful that fuels her designs for the road ahead.

katey kaiser sleepwear desginer

The sleepwear:

All too often, women’s loungewear is defined as kitschy pajamas, lingerie or activewear. By utilizing high-quality fabrics and the finest of details, Violet Hour effectively redefines the category of sleepwear into clothing that is both otherworldly comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Say goodbye to the t-shirt and holey sweatpants look and discover extra comfortable sleepwear that makes you feel as good as your favorite outfit. As a matter of fact, your Violet Hour sleepwear might just become your favorite outfit.  

Behind the designs:

Violet Hour sleepwear is designed and crafted by the owner, Katey Kaiser. Embracing the slow fashion movement of crafting clothing in small batches with conscientious purpose and passion, each piece in her collection is cut and sewn by Katey right here in Colorado when the order is placed.